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Easter Changes Everything - Everyday

Can you think of a day that changed your life? Most of us probably can. The day that changed your life may have been a very good day or it may have been a very bad day. One of my favorite "life-changing" days was August 2, 2008. That's the day when I married my beautiful wife, Michelle. We spent a lot of time preparing for that day. We invited our family and friends and we worked hard to make sure that everything would happen just as we had planned it. It was an awesome day!...Read More

Easter Changes Everything - Sunday Is Here!

It's Resurrection Day! Praise God for Sunday! It is the day each week when we can reflect on the hope we have in Christ. Christ completed His work on Sunday and it has radically changed the course of history. For believers it is the day we celebrate and rejoice over the most. He Is Risen!...Read More

Easter Changes Everything - The Good Friday Edition

Have you ever considered what the disciples must have felt on Good Friday? They had given up everything to follow Jesus. They had left their jobs and their families. They had completely changed their ways of life. They loved Jesus and they had committed everything to following Him. The journey had never been easy, but they trusted the one whom they were following. Many people hated Him and many people had threatened Him, but on Good Friday the hatred and threats went far beyond words....Read More

April 2011

It has been a great month for Southern Hills! As rookie church planters we know that we have a lot to learn. During our education we have read a lot of books and we have been to a lot of classes, but there is no substitute for learning from those who are walking the road that we hope to walk. ...Read More

Our Weekend with Riverside

Our team had the privilege of spending this past weekend with Riverside Baptist Church in Kankakee, Illinois. Riverside is an exciting church with a cool story. They held their first service in April of 2009 and over the last three years they have seen God work in many ways. ...Read More

Our Weekend With Lifepoint

The Southern Hills team was blessed to spend the weekend with the people of Lifepoint Baptist Church in Centerton, Arkansas. It is always a joy to share with others what we hope to do in Round Rock and North Austin. ...Read More