Archives for February 2011

Resolved: To Love... Humbly

Have you ever been sharing an experience only to be ambushed by a "one upper?" You know what I am talking about. The person who loves to talk about how they have done this, that, or the other so much bigger, better, faster, etc. Paul addresses what is at the heart the one upper. While we may not always find ourselves bragging to others like the one upper, Paul shows us something that we share in common with them. What we will see is that it will get in the way of us loving others to have an impact for Christ....Read More

President's Day

I have always been fascinated by the presidency. It’s amazing to consider how much power and responsibility is entrusted to one person. The president has the ability to make decisions that will effect a generation, and impact generations to follow . . . ...Read More

Redefining Church

Chances are you are a lot like me. Life has become busy and your priorities have changed. We all have things that we used to enjoy that we just don’t have time for anymore. In fact, busyness is one of the main reasons why people say that they stop attending church. Many people who used to attend church regularly now only make it a few times a year, if they go all. It’s not because they don’t appreciate church. Many of these people are Christians who claim that church is important. They encourage others to go, but it just doesn’t seem to fit their schedule anymore....Read More

Resolved: To Love... Rejoicing with Others

Have you ever rooted against a sports team before? Most of us have. There are teams out there that we love to hate. We hate how successful they are all of the time. We hate how things seemingly fall into their laps. We hate how all the calls seem to go their way. We hate that they are simply not our team. Now, have you ever rooted against someone else? If we were honest with ourselves we have rooted just as hard against others as we have against a sport team at times. Envy is an ugly thing, but we all struggle with it. Paul tells us love and envy don't mix. If we are going to have an impact for Christ as Paul talks about in 1 Corinthians 12:31 we are going to have to fight envy and jealousy in our hearts....Read More

Church Talk - Introduction

I love the church and I want others to experience and enjoy this wonderful gift that God has given to us. That’s why I am beginning a blog series called Church Talk. In this series I’m going to discuss some basic truths about the church as well as answer some common questions. ...Read More