The purpose of Southern Hills is to glorify God by helping people experience life change through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. An essential part of fulfilling that purpose is helping people begin their relationship with God.

What does outreach look like?

One way we hope to reach out to our community is by finding tangible ways to show the love of God to them. We want Southern Hills to be known as a church that loves God, loves people, and seeks to serve them both. We want to be active in helping to meet the needs of our community. We want the people of our community to view us as a church that they can turn to for help.

We know that the most important way that we can show the love of God to our neighbors is by helping them understand their need for Him. As we look for creative ways to meet people’s physical needs we will also be looking for opportunities to make them aware of their spiritual needs. Real life change happens in the heart. Change in the heart can only come through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. For more information on beginning a relationship with God see God’s plan of Salvation.

While we will work hard to reach out to our community as a church body, we also know that each person has a responsibility of sharing Christ with the people in their lives. As we live and work alongside the people of our community we hope to find creative ways to share the Gospel of Jesus with them.

God has called us to share His message of salvation with others and that is exactly what we hope to accomplish through our outreach ministries.