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A Cant Miss Mother's Day Gift

Have you been wondering what you should get your Mother for Mother's Day? If you are still trying to figure it out at this point you are probably in trouble, but it is not too early to get started on next year. Paul and the Proverbs give us some great direction with how we can honor our Mothers....Read More

Worthy of Praise - A Grateful Son's Thoughts on Mother's Day

Our world likes to put people up on pedestals. We love to create a following. We allow the biggest names and the brightest stars to capture our attention and steal our hearts. The media is proof of our passions. The newsstands keep us up to date on who's hot and who's not. We have daily TV shows, thousands of websites and countless blogs dedicated to giving us the latest scoop on the man or woman of the hour. We label people as idols and encourage others to love and praise them....Read More