How We Worship

It is our desire that the people of Southern Hills would commit their lives to worshiping God and bringing glory to His name. One way that we hope to encourage a lifestyle of worship is through weekly worship gatherings. In those gatherings we hope to reflect our love for God in several ways:

Worshiping God through music

Southern Hills believes that music is an important way for us to show our love and honor for God. We also want to use music as means of committing our hearts and lives to loving and serving Him. We hope that as we come together to worship God through music we will glorify Him and strengthen His church. Get a sample of of the songs we sing - Click Here

Worshiping God through the preaching of the Word

Southern Hills believes that the Bible is God’s Word and that it applies to every part of our lives. For this reason preaching the Scriptures takes a central role in our weekly worship services. We hope to help people understand what the Bible says and help them apply it to their lives so that they can better honor Him with their lives.

Worshiping God through relationships

Another important part of meeting together on a weekly basis is to spend time with other believers. We all come from different walks of life, but we have something very important in common: our relationship with Jesus Christ. God’s plan is that the church would live as a family, and it is important for the family to spend time together. We hope that Southern Hills will be a place where we can 'do life together' in a real and authentic way.

Worshiping God through giving

We believe that giving is an important part of our worship. God desires for us to be people who are willing and eager to give what we have to Him and others. We hope that the people of Southern Hills would desire give of their time, talents and finances as a means of worshiping God. Giving is not about amounts or percentages. It’s about having a heart that desires to honor God with what He has given to us.

Worshiping God though the sharing of the Lord's Table 

On the first Sunday of each month we worship God through the sharing of the Lord's Table as a church family (Lord's Supper or Communion). To read more about what we believe about this important practice see the About the Church section in Our Beliefs