A Day with Jesus, A Day of Power Revealed - Pt 2 - Mark 1:29-39

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Last week we began with the question, what would it be like to spend a day with Jesus? As we read through Mark 1:21-39 there is a sense in which we get to do just that. Mark describes several events that carry us through an entire day in the life and ministry of Jesus.

What we saw last week and what we will continue to see today is a series of events that reveal the authority and the power of Jesus. In verses 21-22 the authority of Jesus is revealed through His teaching. In verses 23-26 the authority and power of Jesus are revealed as He rebukes and silences a demon.

As we continue through the passage we will continue to see signs from Jesus that display His power and authority, but we also see His ultimate aim. Jesus did not come to be known for his signs and miracles, but to proclaim His message and work of salvation (Luke 19:10). His miracles give proof of His identity and authority, but only the Gospel can offer true hope.


After a morning in the Synagogue in Capernaum where He taught with authority and cast out a demon Jesus and His disciples go to the home of Peter and Andrew, also in Capernaum. It is here that Jesus will continue to show signs of His power and authority.


His Power over Sickness – Christ’s authority revealed through His command over illness (1:29-31)

  • The situation– After arriving at the home of Peter and Andrew, most likely for the traditional Sabbath meal, Jesus is told that Peter’s mother-in-law is there and is quite ill.
  • The power of Jesus to heal– Mark’s telling of the story does not emphasize the lady involved or the illness. Mark’s focus is primarily on the power of Jesus to heal, both immediately and fully. With a simple action Peter’s mother-in-law is fully restored and is able to return to her normal activities.


His Power is Revealed and Experienced by Many  (1:32-34) 

  • Sundown and the Sabbath – After the works of Jesus at the Synagogue word of His power spread through the city, but the observance of the Sabbath prevented people from coming to Him. However, sundown marked the end of the day (and the end of the observance of the Sabbath) at which point a crowd began to gather.
  • The healing and delivering power of Jesus –We don’t know how many people came to Jesus but we read that all who were sick and oppressed in the city were brought to Him and He healed their diseases and cast out demons. 
  • The silencing of demons –On this and other occasions Jesus forbids demons to speak of Him. While there are differing opinions on the reason for this prohibition, this is clear: Jesus has the authority to command their silence (Mark 3:11-12). 
  • A glimpse of the kingdom – Jesus proclaimed the coming of the kingdom of God and His signs are certainly a glimpse of the hope of the kingdom in its fullness. While there are small signs of it even now, we look forward to the time when God will conquer all evil, heal every disease and remove every consequence of sin and the fall (Rev. 21:4).


The Priority of His Purpose – The commitment of Jesus to His mission (1:35-39)

  • Jesus retreats to pray – Even after all the events of the previous day Jesus is up early and finds a place to pray. The fellowship of Jesus with the Father shows both the necessity and importance of prayer.
  • The search for Jesus – As morning dawns the crowds return and the disciples set out to find Jesus, eager to bring him back to the crowds.
  • Christ’s primary purpose – While Jesus regularly healed and cast out demons, His primary mission was the proclamation of the Gospel. On this and other occasions Jesus leaves crowds who seek signs in order to proclaim His message of salvation to others (John 6:25-36).


Conclusion – The signs and miracles of Jesus help us see His power and authority. They reveal Him as the Son of God who is over all. These realities should change the way we live and the way we think about our world. But Jesus’ primary reason for coming was not simply to show His power through miracles or to heal physical ailments; His mission was (and is) to save sinners. As followers of Jesus we should strive to see Him rightly and also to join Him in His mission to proclaim the message of salvation.