Reading the Scriptures Together: Week of April 8, 2018

Reading the Scriptures Together is a weekly post that is intended to serve as an extension of our Sunday Sermons. The plans often include passages that were used in the sermon and help us meditate on the Scriptures throughout the week. 

Monday: Psalm 23

Take time to read the Psalm that we considered on Sunday. The notes from the message are attached to the weekly email and are available on our website. As you read take note of the incredible trust that David has in God as His shepherd. This deep trust in the shepherd allows him to rest. He is not consumed with worry or fear because he knows that he can trust the shepherd in all things. His confident trust leads to a life of blessed contentment.

Tuesday: Ezekiel 34

Ezekiel was a prophet who spoke the message of God to the people of Israel. In Ezekiel 34 he speaks using the picture of shepherds and sheep. As the chapter begins he is speaking to the leaders of Israel who had been appointed as ‘shepherds’ over the people, but he rebukes them for not leading the people (sheep) well (vs. 1-10). Because of their neglect God declares that He will personally intervene and care for His sheep (vs. 11-22) and then announces that He will establish “David” as the one Shepherd over His people. The reference to David points us to Jesus who has been established as our ultimate shepherd. Through Jesus God established a covenant of peace with His people (vs. 23-30).

Wednesday: John 10

In John 10 we hear Jesus describe Himself as our Good Shepherd. This is what both Psalm 23 and Ezekiel 34 point us toward – that the Messiah would come and be our final and all-sufficient Shepherd. In this chapter we are reminded of the great love that our shepherd has for us, a love that ultimately led Him to lay down His life for the sheep.

Thursday: Matthew 6:25-34 and Romans 8:18-39

Because God is our Shepherd – the one who provides for us, guides us, protects us and has promised to never leave us – we are called to trust Him. Both Matthew 6 and Romans 8 serve as reminders that God cares deeply for His children and that we can count on Him to provide for us. He will never leave us and there is nothing that can separate us from Him and His care.

Friday: Psalm 24

Read Psalm 24 in preparation for our service on Sunday. As you read ask yourself these questions: What does this teach us about God? What does this teach us about ourselves?

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