Reading the Scriptures Together: Week of August 19, 2018

Reading the Scriptures Together is a weekly post that is intended to serve as an extension of our Sunday Sermons. This reading plan is a compliment to the sermon, Psalm 63: Longing for the One Who Fully Satisfies.

Overview of This Week’s Reading: Satisfied in God

In Psalm 63 David makes it abundantly clear that he longs for God above all else and that God is his ultimate source of satisfaction. In fact, in verse three he makes this bold declaration: the love of God is better than life. David leaves no doubt, there is nothing in this world that he values more than knowing and living in relationship with God. What makes this psalm even more impactful is to realize that David writes it from a place of suffering. Things are not going well and yet even in a difficult time David’s soul is satisfied. This psalm is a beautiful reminder that even when life is full of disappointments our souls be fully content in God.

In many ways David’s testimony and his confidence in God are mirrored by Paul in the New Testament. Over and over Paul found himself suffering in incredible ways and yet through it all he never lost his ability to find hope and joy in God. David says in Psalm 63:3 that God’s love is better than life and along the same lines Paul says in Philippians 1 that to leave this life and enter the presence of God is “far better” than remaining in this life.

While Paul’s satisfaction in God is evident throughout his writings, the letter to the Philippians stands out as a central place where he declares his contentment and joy in God above all else. This weeks reading plan includes a reading of Philippians and this is the goal: That we would be further encouraged to find our joy and satisfaction in God alone.

As you read, notice how many times Paul uses the words joy and rejoice. Paul is writing this letter from prison. He has been arrested because of his preaching of Christ and yet his joy is not diminished. In fact his satisfaction in God seems to be strengthened and he wants his readers to experience the same kind of joy and contentment. He wants those who read this letter to know that there is nothing greater than knowing and being known by God.

  • Day One: Psalm 63
  • Day Two: Philippians 1
  • Day Three: Philippians 2
  • Day Four: Philippians 3
  • Day Five: Philippians 4

Preparing for Sunday: Psalm 66

Read Psalm 66 in preparation for our service on Sunday. As you read ask yourself these questions: What does this Psalm teach us about God? What does this Psalm teach us about ourselves? Also, take time to write down questions that you have about the Psalm, then come on Sunday and listen for answers to those questions.


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