Reading the Scriptures Together - Week of July 8, 2018

Reading the Scriptures Together is a weekly post that is intended to serve as an extension of our Sunday Sermons. This reading plan is a compliment to the sermon, Psalm 48: The City of God and the Great God of the City. 

Overview of this Week’s Reading – The City of God

In Psalm 48 the Psalmist describes Jerusalem, the City of God that existed in his time. It was the place where God dwelled and the presence of God made the city beautiful, strong and powerful. Those who lived there had confidence that they were safe because God Himself was their fortress and their defense against enemy attacks.

As the Psalmist considers the city his praise comes to a climax in verse 8 as he declares that God will establish the city forever. This declaration of praise it points forward to the promise of God to establish an eternal kingdom and reign forever in the New Jerusalem.

In this weeks reading is comprised of passages that help us consider the eternal City of God, the New Jerusalem.

Monday: Psalm 48 - Take time to read the Psalm that we considered on Sunday. The notes from the message are available on our website. As we come to Psalm 48 we read a description of a city. The city is beautiful, strong, secure and a source of joy. Throughout the Psalm we have glimpses of the city and even an invitation to walk through and take it all in. But, while the Psalm has a lot to say about this city the main focus of the Psalm is not really the city, but the Great King of the city. As the Psalmist writes he describes Jerusalem, but more importantly he points us toward the God of Jerusalem and His care for those who are His. Psalm 48 is a call for the praise of God and a reminder of the safety and care that He provides for His people now and in the future, eternal City of God.

Tuesday: Hebrews 12 - In Hebrews 12, especially verse 18-29 we are told of the kingdom that is to come, a kingdom that is eternal and unshakeable. As we pursue Christ we look forward to the day when all that is evil will be removed and God will establish His unshakeable kingdom. Our holiness should be motivated by the anticipation of joining Him in His kingdom (vs. 25-29).

Wednesday: Revelation 21 – In Revelation 21 and 22 we are given a glimpse into eternity and a description of life in the eternal city of God. The chapters are full of imagery and help us consider the beauty and peace that awaits us in the presence of God. As you read take time to thank God for the plan He has for your future. Also, consider how this view of eternity can change the way we think about the struggles and pains of this life – this life is temporary, but we have the hope of eternal joy.

Thursday: Revelation 22 – (See Above – Revelation 21 and 22)

Friday: Matthew 13 -Read Matthew 13 in preparation for our service on Sunday. As you read ask yourself these questions: What does this passage teach us about God? What does this passage teach us about ourselves? Also, take time to write down questions that you have about the passage, then come on Sunday and listen for answers to those questions.

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