A Day with Jesus, A Day of Power Revealed - Pt 1 - Mark 1:21-28

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What would it be like to spend a day with Jesus? Have you ever thought about what it would have been like to be one of His disciples and to be with Him day in and day out? Well, in Mark 1 we get a chance to follow Jesus through one complete day. And it’s a day in which His power and His authority on are on full display.

Most often when people think and talk about Jesus there is a lot of emphasis on His love and humility and servant lifestyle – and rightfully so. Jesus came as the greatest example of love, humility and servanthood. But as followers of Jesus we must not overlook the power and authority of Jesus. There is great hope and comfort for those who see the power of Jesus and recognize that there is nothing that can stand against Him.


After calling His first four disciples on the shores of the Sea of Galilee Mark tells us that Jesus and His disciples go to the city of Capernaum – a port city on the Sea of Galilee and the place Peter calls home (and most likely the other three disciples). In Mark 1:21-34 we can follow Jesus from a morning in the synagogue, to an afternoon and evening at Peter’s home, and over and over we see the power and authority of Jesus revealed.


Powerful Teaching – Christ’s power and authority revealed through His teaching (1:21-22) 

  • The synagogue – The synagogue was the place where Jews gathered each Sabbath day (Saturday) for worship and to hear the Word of God read and taught. As Jews, Jesus and his disciples were in attendance.
  • Teaching with authority – The responsibility of teaching in the synagogue was shared by those who knew the Scriptures (the Torah). As one who was known as a teacher Jesus was given the chance to speak, but as He did it became apparent He was no ordinary teacher. While most teachers spoke based on the authority of the Law or other traditions, Jesus spoke as one who possessed authority within Himself.
  • The content of the teaching – We know from Mark 1:14-15 that Jesus proclaimed the kingdom of God and called people to repent and believe, but Mark doesn’t mention that here. Mark’s emphasis is not on what Jesus said, but on the authority He displayed as He taught.
  • Application – As Jesus speaks He reveals who He is, He is God. The question is, do we submit to Jesus as God? It is not enough to think of Jesus as a good teacher or religious leader. And it is not enough to appreciate aspects of His teaching. As the One with all authority, as God, we must submit to Him and trust Him fully.


His Power over Evil – Christ’s authority revealed through his confrontation with evil (1:23-26)

  • A man with an unclean spirit – As Jesus teaches, a man with an unclean spirit (a demon) stands up and confronts Jesus. There are a couple of things to note about what the demon says and what it reveals.
  • Who Jesus is – While those who were gathered may have known of Jesus as a teacher, the demon knows His true identity – He recognizes and identifies Jesus as God in flesh (Holy One of God).
  • Why Jesus has come – It is also clear that the demon recognizes Jesus as a threat – as the One who has the power to destroy the forces of evil.
  • The power of Jesus revealed– The power of this demon should not be underestimated, but he is no match for Jesus. When Jesus speaks the demon can only respond in one way – complete obedience.
  • Application – We live in world where evil exists and where the forces of evil still have some measure of influence. But we also know that God is over all and that a day will come when all evil will be defeated. When we are tempted to be overwhelmed with the opposition of the world we must remember, God is in control and in the end He will make all things right. It is also through His power that we can overcome sin.


Responding to the Power and Authority of Jesus (1:27-28)

  • The response of the crowd– Those who heard Jesus teach and saw His power over the demon were left amazed and astonished. They recognized His authority and could not keep it to themselves. Very quickly the news of Jesus and His power spread everywhere.
  • Application– It’s not enough to acknowledge the power and authority of Jesus. We must submit to Him and we must also share His message with the world. It is only through Him that others can be forgiven of their sins and be transferred from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of God. It is only through repentance and faith that salvation is available. We must be faithful to share this message.