Joseph and the Sovereign God Over All History

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We live in a world that overrun by evil. We see it everyday when we turn the news on. We hear of wars, people killing each other, kids being abused, neglected people who are in need, unborn children are murdered and it is embraced as a woman’s right. We are beginning to see the marginalization of Christianity in the Western world, faith is being pushed out of the public arena more and more and overseas thousands of Christians will die this year for their faith in Jesus. The number of Christians who die for their faith this past year doubled year over year. I could go on for quite some time if my goal was the list out the great evils that exist in our world today. It can be overwhelming. It can be scary. We can begin to wonder if God has lost control. Maybe it has become too big for Him to manage. So where are we to find hope in a world that has this much evil in it? Where can we find peace when so many things appear out of control and chaotic? How can we make sense out of a world that seems to be headed in the wrong direction? As we wrap up the story of Joseph we will get answers to these questions.