Every Thursday I take my lunch break and head down to Chandler Creek to set up for Bible Study. It has very much become part of my Thursday routine and I have even grown to look forward to it. I enjoy seeing the clubhouse change ever so slightly from a lounge to Southern Hills. The cosmetic changes are small, but there is a big difference in the way I view that room. It has become a 2nd home in many respects.

While I was getting the key from the office I was talking to one of the staff, Ty. He is always there and we chat when I come in and out of the office. When we were talking this week I told him that this was actually our last month of Bible Study. I explained how things are changing for us as we begin Sunday services and transition over to small groups on Wednesday nights. As I said these words it all hit me very hard. As excited as I am about all the new changes that are coming I will be very sad not to have everyone gather in that clubhouse on Thursday nights to talk, laugh, study the Word, eat a cookie or two, watch the kids try to eat a cookie or four, and eventually start to pick up. I know part of the reason I am a little sad is that Bible Study is all we have ever known in the life of Southern Hills. It almost feels like the end of an era from my perspective.

As hard as it is to let go of something I love so much I am quickly reminded of all that God has in store for us. While Bible Study is going away, in its place we have Small Groups coming and we will start holding our Sunday services weekly. We will have two opportunities throughout the week now to encourage and share life with one another. Seeing Bible Study phased out is not cutting back, but expanding. We are not just expanding with an additional meeting time each week, but we are expanding in the kind of ministry we are offering. Small Group is going to add a whole new element to our church family life that will push us in our walks with God. We will also have more opportunity to invest in one another’s lives. The Small Group ministry at my previous church pushed me to grow in my walk in ways that I never had before. I am so excited to have that extra push in my life once again. I know it is something I need.

I say all of this to say, seeing Bible Study come to an end will be bitter-sweet, but I know all that God has in store for Southern Hills will be far more sweet than bitter.

To get an overview of what Small Groups will be like Click Here.

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