Praying for the New School Year

This is a big week for many in our church family. As school begins we have teachers, students and support staff heading back - and they need our prayers. Here are some things to consider as you pray for the start for the school year. 

FOR TEACHERS - Teachers have such a unique opportunity to build relationships and show the love of Christ to students and parents. They also have the chance to help kids recognize what is most important and what all education is meant to point us towards. Let's pray that our teachers will find creative ways to love, serve and point others to Christ during this school year. 

FOR STUDENTS - As our students enter back into the schools let's pray both for their safety and growth as well as for their influence and witness. Let's pray that as they learn they will recognize the true source of all knowledge and that through what they learn they will see the glory of God. Let's also pray that they will love others well and be good witnesses for Christ both in what they say and in how they live. 

FOR PARENTS AND SUPPORT STAFF - Students and teachers aren't the only ones who need prayer as school begins. Let's pray for all those who will be interacting with more people during the school year. As parents and as those who support the school system vocationally we all have opportunities to shine the light of Christ. Let's pray that God would use us to love, encourage and point those we come into contact with toward Christ and His love. 

FOR ADMINISTRATORS - Our leaders always need our prayers, but especially in years like this one they have particularly difficult decisions to make that impact so many. Let's pray that those who lead our schools and districts will have wisdom and that their leadership would lead to good for our community. 

FOR SAFETY FOR ALL - We can all think of so many ways we desire safety in our schools. We should pray that God would keep all who are in our schools safe from sickness, violence, false teaching, ungodly influences and any other forms of harm. Praise God that He is the One who knows all and sees all and that we can trust Him. 

No doubt there are more categories and requests, but hopefully this will help us as we pray for the start of the school year. Let's strive to be a church that believes in prayer and that faithfully brings our requests before the throne of God. 


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