Our Weekend with Bible Baptist

Once again we are praising God for a great weekend! Our team had the privilege of spending the weekend in Fort Wayne, Indiana with Bible Baptist Church. Over the past couple of months we have been in several different churches, and it has been fun to see how God has used each one of them to encourage us in a different way. Bible Baptist is an established church that is working hard to reach their community in new and creative ways. God is blessing their efforts and they are seeing people saved, baptized and added to the church. It was a joy to be with them, to learn from them and to see their ministry first hand.

Our team is always excited to be with other churches and to share our ministry plans, but this trip was also exciting on a personal level, especially for Matthew. Todd Spain is the pastor of Bible Baptist and he was Matthew’s youth pastor in high school. Our team is constantly reminded that we are where we are because of the many people who have invested in our lives. There is no doubt that Todd and his wife Joann invested a great deal in Matthew’s life and in many ways the work of Southern Hills is fruit of their labor.


On Sunday morning we presented our ministry to the church and Matthew preached. Following the message Pastor Todd encouraged the church to support us in prayer and with their finances, but he went even further than that. He also encouraged them to pray about the possibility of moving to Austin and joining Southern Hills as we seek to reach people with the Gospel. We have been praying that God would send others to help our team and it was exciting to see several people commit to praying about that possibility.

We want to express our sincere thanks to Pastor Todd, Robert and Michelle Mathis and the people of Bible Baptist for their incredible generosity, their welcoming spirit and their sweet encouragement. It is our hope and prayer that we will be able to minister to the people of Round Rock and North Austin in the way that they are ministering to the people of Fort Wayne.



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