Open Homes

WHAT IS AN "OPEN HOME?" - The Backstory

As a church we want to know and love one another well. We also want to know and love our neighbors and have opportunities to introduce them to the Good News of the Gospel. 

During the Fall of 2019 we spent time on Tuesday Evenings considering that one of the best ways we can love both the church and our neighbors well is by learning to live with open homes

We want our homes to be places of love, fellowship, refuge and strengthening, not only for our families but for each other and for our neighbors. 

We want to have homes where the Gospel is lived out and spoken. Homes where we can have meaningful conversations and where others are welcome to join in. 

The reality is that for some of us having an open door and an open home comes very naturally, for others even the thought of inviting others in causes anxiety. And we all have a lot to learn about how to be creative and consistent in this area. 

So one of our goals for the coming year is for us all to grow in this area. We want to start learning what it looks and feels like to be more welcoming and hospitable - with the larger goal of developing more natural and authentic fellowship and more opportunities for the Gospel with our neighbors. 

Our first effort to grow in this area is by taking turns making our homes available to one another and to our neighbors. 


The plan (and hope) is to be able to regularly announce when and where "open homes" will be available. These times may or may not have much of an agenda. There may be a meal, there may not. But the idea is to have a place where people can gather to be with one another. 

These gatherings will likely provide time for fun and games, laughter and conversation. But we also hope they will provide times for sweet fellowship. Times when we can pray and consider the things of God together (and hopefully with our neighbors who may join us). 

WHAT IS AN "OPEN HOME?" - How you can help

There are two primary ways you can be involved. First, you can plan a time to open your home (just let us know when and we will announce it).

Or, an equally important way to be involved is to plan to show up at "open homes" when you can. We think we will all benefit as we plan to spend more time with one another. We also want the opportunity to introduce our neighbors to other Christians. 

That said, the last thing we want is for this to become another obligation. Instead, we hope these will become opportunities for us to enjoy fellowship in more casual and organic ways.

When you come to an "open home" you may plan to stay for hours, or maybe just for a few minutes, either is fine and will help us grow as we learn to give and receive hospitality. 

What's Next 

  • Host an Open Home - Email
  • Check our Calendar for upcoming open homes





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