Join us on Sunday, March 22

During this time there are some things we must not neglect. We still need to hear from the Word together, we still need to pray together, and we still need to see and encourage one another. Thankfully, we will get to do all of these things on Sunday! Here's the plan. 

  • Pre-Recorded Video - Our hope is that you will gather as a family and spend time together hearing the Word of God read and preached. CLICK HERE
  • Live Zoom Gathering at 10:45am -  At 10:45am on Sunday we will gather on Zoom for a time of prayer and fellowship. So, after you have watched the sermon, plan to join us on Zoom so we can all see one another, pray together and check in on one another. CLICK HERE
  • For the Kids - Southern Hills parents will receive an email on Sunday with resources for your kids. This will include a video of their Bible story and also information about the lesson they would normally hear in their Sunday class. Parents, this is a great opportunity for you to get in the habit of gathering with your kids around the Word of God. 
  • Worship through Giving - During this time it will be very important that we all remain faithful in our practice of giving to the Lord. He has called us to give faithfully to Him and to His work, and this is something we must not neglect just because we aren't meeting together in person. See details below about how you can keep giving regularly

We are learning on the go, but we are excited to see how God can use this season for His glory, the building up of His church and for the advancement of the Gospel. 


Other Resources 

  • On Sunday, March 15th we considered how we should think about God and His care of us during times of uncertainty. Listen here - A Psalm for Uncertain Times
  • Give Online - During this time it is imporant that we all keep giving faithfully. Click the link below to give online or to learn about other ways to give. 

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