COVID-19 - Staying Connected

It is becoming clear that we may not be able to gather in person for an extended period of time, but we want to work hard to stay connected and serve one another during this unexpected season. We will make sure we commuicate regularly through the website, Facebook and email. 

Staying Connected and Helping Others

As we continue through this time of distancing and isolation, we want to care well for one another. As you have opportunity, take time to reach out to one another and if you need anything please let us know! 

Also, if you know of someone who has a specific need that we can help with, please reach out. We want to do all we can during this situation to love one another, our neighbors and our community well.

Looking Forward

We are working to make plans for how and when we can meet, so please watch for updates on what to expect for the weeks to come. When we aren't able to meet in person we will have a virtual meetings of some kind.

We will let you know as soon as we know! 

Other Resources 

  • On Sunday we considered how we should think about God and His care of us during times of uncertainty. Listen here - A Psalm for Uncertain Times


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