Changed by Eternity

Life is full of disappointments. We hope that a certain purchase will make us happy, but in the end it only offered excitement for a short while. We hope that a specific relationship with someone will satisfy our hearts, but in the end they let us down just like everyone else. We look to our work and hope that a promotion with increased power and responsibility will make our lives more whole, but in the end it only brings more hours at work and stress.

Many people spend their entire lives searching for what will satisfy them in this life. What most fail to understand is that God placed eternity in our hearts. We were all created for something bigger than this life and as a result this life will never be able to fill the longings of our hearts. This may sound very discouraging and frustrating, but the good news is that satisfaction, purpose, and wholeness are available in Jesus. In Jesus we can find the eternal and perfect satisfaction our souls cry out for.

The Bible has so much to say about eternity and how understanding it biblically can change our entire perspective on life, from the way we look at the trials of life, to where we find our motivation for daily living, to how we view and handle our money and so much more.

Join us, starting on June 9th, as we kick off our new series “Changed by Eternity.”

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A schedule of the series is listed out below:

Changed by Eternity Schedule

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