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The Gospel

As you look through our website and spend time around Southern Hills you will hear a lot about the Gospel. The Gospel is a key part of who we are and it is a central part of our purpose statement. The Gospel is something we talk about, preach about and sing about. The Gospel is far more than a word to us; the Gospel is what makes us who we are and the Gospel is where we find our identity....Read More

Being the Church

Chances are you are a lot like me. Life has become busy and your priorities have changed. We all have things that we used to enjoy that we just don't have time for anymore. In fact, busyness is one of the main reasons why people say that they stop attending church. Many people who used to attend church regularly now only make it a few times a year, if they go all. It's not because they don't appreciate church. Many of these people are Christians who claim that church is important. They encourage others to go, but it just doesn't seem to fit their schedule anymore....Read More

October and November News

Over the last couple of months we have continued to hold Bible Studies every Thursday and God is using those evenings in some exciting ways. We have several families who come faithfully, and almost every week we have someone new come for the first time. We are grateful for the relationships that God is allowing us to develop and we are eager to see God change lives through His grace through the teaching of His Word....Read More

A Story of God's Provision: It Only Takes One

God just answered one of the biggest questions we have had. We always get asked when we are headed down to Round Rock to start Southern Hills. God gave us a big answer this week. The answer He gave speaks to His faithfulness and provision....Read More

September 2011 - Bible Studies Begin!

On Thursday, September 8 we began our weekly Bible Studies. We had worked hard to invite our neighbors, but we had no idea who would join us on that first week. That evening we had about fifteen adults come and we had a great time getting to know one another and fellowshipping around God’s Word. ...Read More

August 2011 - Back to School Bash News

Our Back to School Bash was a great success. With the help of a mission’s team from Trinity Baptist in Abilene, Texas we hosted between 150 and 200 of our neighbors on August 9th for an evening of fun. We had free food, bounce houses, games and door prizes, but most importantly we had the opportunity to meet and show the love of Christ to many of the people who live in our apartment complex....Read More

July 2011

Greetings from Texas! It’s hard to believe, but we are officially citizens of Round Rock! As many of you know, we left Missouri on June 30, and on July 1 we moved into our apartments here in Round Rock. Since then we have been working hard to get settled in our new homes and city. ...Read More

June 2011

It's official, this is our last newsletter from Missouri. We are busy packing boxes, disassembling furniture, loading trucks and getting ready for the big move! Lord willing we will leave Springfield on Thursday, June 30 and begin moving into our homes in Round Rock on Friday, July 1. ...Read More

Lessons from Dad

My Dad has had a big impact on my life. He taught me more life lessons than I can remember. Here are a few that stuck with me....Read More

May 2011

We have had an exciting and eventful May! We are only about a month away from moving to Round Rock and it has been a blast to see how God has provided for us as we prepare for this transition. There is no way for us to share everything that has happened, but here are some of the highlights....Read More