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COVID-19 - Staying Connected

It is becoming clear that we may not be able to gather in person for an extended period of time, but we want to work hard to stay connected and serve one another during this unexpected season. ...Read More

Responding to the Coronavirus

I think it is safe to say that this has been a week that most of us did not expect. Sure, we knew about the Coronavirus last week, but so much has changed in the last few days and things still seem to be changing by the hour. With that said, I wanted to share a couple of thoughts about how we should think about what is going on and how God would have us respond. ...Read More

A Long Obedience in the Same Direction

Much of what it means to make an impact for Christ is accomplished in being faithful to His calling day in and day out. Week in and week out. It's learning to be obedient, each day. It's learning to take advantage of the opportunities that we are given, each week. This is true for us as individuals and for us as a church. ...Read More

Open Homes

We want our homes to be places of love, fellowship, refuge and strengthening, not only for our families but for each other and for our neighbors. We want to have homes where the Gospel is lived out and spoken. Homes where we can have meaningful conversations and where others are welcome to join in. ...Read More

The Reach of a Small Church

As we think about our ability to reach out to our community with the Gospel it may be easy to wonder what kind impact we can have. Like I said, we are small in number. When we gather on a Sunday we have an average attendance of less than fifty people. But with that said, consider this:...Read More

Loving Your Neighbors on Halloween

This Wednesday evening many of your neighbors will be knocking on your front door, hoping you will answer. People who may not approach you any other time of the year, who may look the other way when you drive by or pass on the sidewalk, will stand on your front porch and ring your doorbell. Whether they know it or not, they are asking you to love them and their children well. The question is, what will you do with this opportunity?...Read More

4 Reasons to Delight in the Law of the Lord

When many read commandments and the law of God in the Scriptures they quickly characterize God as “bossy” and Christianity as about nothing more than rules that must be followed. So how is it that the Psalmist can delight himself in the law of the lord and meditate on it day and night? Who would want to dwell so much on something so burdensome? Here are 4 benefits that God’s law gives us that lead us to delighting in the law of the Lord!...Read More

Celebrating the Fatherhood of God

Father’s Day is a day meant to celebrate and remember the wonderful Fathers in our lives and there is no greater Father in our lives than that of our Heavenly Father so I want to take time Sunday to consider Our Heavenly Father. Now some could hear this and say, "Sure, Thomas, of course we will talk about God the Father on Father's day, predictable." To that I would reply, "Yes, maybe so, however the Fatherhood of God is no throw away topic. J.I. Packer has this to say on the Fatherhood of God......Read More

Powerful Prayers

We all fail to understand the incredible honor and resource that is available to us in prayer. God, the Creator of the cosmos, the Sustainer of all life and matter, the writer of all history and future events, invites you to come and share your heart with Him. How insane is that?!? You! Little, old you!!! What would you say to Him? What would you share? What would you ask of Him? You have an audience with the King of kings, the Lord of lords! What will you do with it???...Read More

Prayer and the Sovereignty of God

If God is sovereign over all things then what impact do our prayers ultimately have? This is a question many have wrestled with as we struggle to understand the relationship between two very important truths from the Scripture. What may seem like a conflict is actually a God's plan to bring Himself greater glory as He carries out His will....Read More