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Resolved: To Love... Rejoicing with Others

Have you ever rooted against a sports team before? Most of us have. There are teams out there that we love to hate. We hate how successful they are all of the time. We hate how things seemingly fall into their laps. We hate how all the calls seem to go their way. We hate that they are simply not our team. Now, have you ever rooted against someone else? If we were honest with ourselves we have rooted just as hard against others as we have against a sport team at times. Envy is an ugly thing, but we all struggle with it. Paul tells us love and envy don't mix. If we are going to have an impact for Christ as Paul talks about in 1 Corinthians 12:31 we are going to have to fight envy and jealousy in our hearts....Read More

Church Talk - Introduction

I love the church and I want others to experience and enjoy this wonderful gift that God has given to us. That’s why I am beginning a blog series called Church Talk. In this series I’m going to discuss some basic truths about the church as well as answer some common questions. ...Read More

Resolved: To Love... Kindly

Have you ever known someone who has a chip on their shoulder? Love bears some similar qualities to that... well sorta. As Paul continues to describe how to have an impact for Christ through love he tells us that love is kind. So what does it really mean to love someone kindly?...Read More


Have you ever wondered if God has forgotten about you? Do you feel alone in your situation? You're not the only one. ...Read More

Resolved: To Love... Patiently

Paul told us that love is the "more excellent way" (1 Cor 12:31) to have an impact on others. What is Paul talking about when he uses the word love? It is a simple word, but it is a hard thing to live out. Paul gives us a great description of love starting with the idea of patience. How can we love others patiently?...Read More

January 2011

Happy New Year! Several years ago our team started the process of planning Southern Hills. At that t...Read More

Lord Willing

Come now, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go into such and such a town and spend a yea...Read More

Resolved: To Love.

It's that time again! New Year's Resolutions! How are you looking to grow this year? Have you started thinking through how you can increase your impact for Christ? What does it take to have the biggest impact for God possible? Paul has a profound, but simple answer for us as we think through 2011 resolutions....Read More

Got Fruit?

The work of bearing fruit is just that work. The farmer has a plan every year to ensure he sees a crop come in. How faithfully do we plan and work to see fruit in our lives?...Read More

December 2010

What an exciting time of year! We hope that you had a Happy Thanksgiving and that you are enjoying t...Read More